SiteGround is one of the most popular and recommended WordPress hosting companies that are best known for their expertise in managed WordPress hosting. This unbiased SiteGround hosting reviews will help you to take a decision on whether to go with them or not.

Did you know? Among hundreds of WordPress hosting companies out there, SiteGround is one of the highly recommended hosting companies by

It’s not only for their server speed and friendly tech support but also for better security and optimized hosting solution for WordPress.

With their exclusive WordPress speed and security solution, SiteGround is well worth considering for anyone looking for an affordable top-notch hosting solution.

So: is SiteGround right for you?

Read on! In this SiteGround hosting reviews, we’ll assess SiteGround’s features and tools to find out what are the pros and cons of them and what they expertise in.

These are the areas we’ll look into:

  • Performance: Fast web attracts visitors, can SiteGround help you with Speed?
  • Reliability: Can SiteGround ensure the maximum of 24/7/365 Server Uptime?
  • Customer Support: Is their support team friendly and Knowledgeable?
  • Features: Do they offer any exclusive features to manage your websites?
  • Security: Is there any chance of getting your site malware attacked with them?
  • Pricing: Finally, does SiteGround offer any affordable hosting plan for you?

Now let’s dive into our detailed SiteGround hosting reviews – structured with pros & cons, and comparisons. I’ll also include my own Experience as a customer of this hosting company for over three years.

About SiteGround

SiteGround was founded in 2004 and now it is one of the largest privately-owned hosting companies. The company has its offices in USA, UK, Bulgaria, and Spain with more than 400 employees and growing.

Today, SiteGround has FIVE Data Centers in three continents and hosts more than 2,000,000 domains with this number growing constantly. The company also claims to process 1500+ tickets, 1000+ phone calls and 3000+ chat requests per day.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting

SiteGround Hosting Reviews – Pros and Cons

Of course, no hosting company offers the Perfect solution for Individual needs. SiteGround also has its Good and Bad sides.

There is NO such thing as a “PERFECT” hosting. It’s all about the right fit for your needs.

Thus, some features of SiteGround may not be good for others, but perfect for your project, experience & expertise. In this SiteGround hosting reviews, I’ll try to cover all the pros and cons of SiteGround hosting.

Pros of SiteGround Hosting

Here are some of the pros (advantages) that make SiteGround one of the few most popular, and top-rated hosting for WordPress.

1. High Uptime (99.99%)

SiteGround offers handcrafted solutions to make sure your website remains 99.99% uptime. This hosting company has always been pioneers in inventing their own top-notch hosting security solutions.

They have minimized the downtime risk to a level which other hosting companies could never achieve.

  • Linux Containers: Their platform is built on LXC (Linux containers) technology that ensures better stability in times of unexpected traffic spikes.
  • Pro-active Server Monitoring: Their in-house developed “Pro-active Server Monitoring” monitors servers every 0.1 seconds, detects any problems on your server and fixes them instantly. Surprisingly, it can also forecast any upcoming issues and take actions to prevent them.
  • Unique Anti-bot AI: SiteGround also has developed a very effective “Anti-bot Artificial Intelligence” that prevents nearly 2 million brute-force attempts per hour across their server. Thus, your server and websites are safe from any brute-force attack and unauthorized access.
  • Secure Account Isolation: SiteGround was the first hosting provider to come up with an effective CHROOT account isolation technology on a shared server for better client security.
WPTechnic Server Uptime

While writing this SiteGround hosting reviews, our site is hosted on SiteGround and has an average uptime of 100% with NO outages for a single second for the last 12 months.

That’s impressive and far better than the 99% industry standard.

2. Super-Fast Servers (Ensure Fast Page Load)

When it comes to Page load speed and Performance for your website, SiteGround hosting also plays the leading role by offering faster hardware, innovative network architecture and new software solutions.

  • SSD drives on all plans: Files and databases on all of their hosting plans are stored on cutting-edge SSD drives.
  • NGINX server speed: SiteGround uses NGINX web server technology to speed up the load of the static contents of your websites.
  • SuperCacher: They also have developed their own caching mechanism, based on NGINX reverse proxy. SGOptimizer, also known as SuperCacher, WordPress plugin adds several layers of caching including Memcached and file minification and makes your website load significantly faster.
  • Free CDN: CDN delivers the content much faster from the data center closest to your visitor. You can also enable basic Cloudflare CDN for FREE for your website with a SINGLE click. No configuration and DNS settings required, SiteGround handles them all.
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers: SiteGround is among the first hosting companies to support HTTP/2 network protocol, that speeds up loading of websites in the browser.

Here is the speed test result for WPTechnic by GTMetrics. Our blog is currently hosted on SietGround and because of their SuperCacher, CDN and better server performance, we’ve achieved to make a website that is lightweight and load faster.

WPTechnic Speed Test Report

No doubt, SiteGround cares about your website’s load time. No other WordPress hosting offers anything close at this moment.

3. Highly Knowledgeable & Friendly Support

Undoubtedly the single finest thing about SiteGround is their customer support team. They are responsive, honestly enthusiastic to help, and consistently shine as experts on WordPress, hosting, and their own technology.

  • 24/7 Support: Their support agents are available 24/7 over Phone, Live Chat and Ticketing support. You’ll get an instant reply over live chat or phone support, and within 10 minutes over ticket.
  • Fast response: There’s never any significant hold because they overstaff all shifts so that there is always someone to help you in time of needs.
  • Application Specific Support: Aside from than regular tech support for your WordPress hosting, their support team will also help you with popular plugins and themes, customization and bug fixing that other hosts refuse to help saying that’s beyond their scope.

All these factors plus their detailed tutorial, knowledge base, and webinars put SiteGround’s customer support in the pro column for sure.

SiteGround Customer Support Live Chat

4. High-Performance WordPress Hosting on All Plans

Another exclusive feature we must mention in this SiteGround hosting reviews is their Managed WordPress Hosting on any plans.

What does that mean?

SiteGround offers exclusive features and tools to make your WordPress site management easier. Using their in-house developed tools even a beginner can develop an awesome WordPress blog or website with ease.

  • WordPress Launch: SiteGround offers automated WordPress installation tools “WP Launch” to create a real, functional site within minutes. No technical knowledge required.
  • Security & Updates: They manage the security of your WordPress sites at the server and application level.
  • WP Performance: They also offer comprehensive performance solution that will significantly speed up your WordPress sites as well as optimize its resource usage with enabling powerful caching, files minification, PHP version control, lossless image optimizations and more!

5. Awesome Tools for WordPress Webmasters

Developing and managing a WordPress blog or website with SiteGround is pretty easy with their remarkably designed tools.

  • Daily Backup: They keep a backup of your all websites for the last 30 days, therefore, your files and data are very secure with them. You can also generate instant on-demand backups by your own.
  • Email Service: You can create an unlimited number of email accounts for your website. No restrictions at all plus free SpamExperts service included.
  • Staging Tool: With SiteGround’s staging tool, you can make a copy of your website, work on it, and then push the changes live.
  • Dev Toolkit: For developers, all of their hosting plan includes SSH access, WP-CLI, Git integration, PHP version control, and more.
SiteGround Tools for WordPress

6. Multiple Data Centers

SiteGround has 5 servers in 3 different continents. To be exact, in

  • Chicago – US,
  • London – UK,
  • Amsterdam – NL,
  • Singapore – SG, and
  • Lowa – US

You can choose the closest data center to your targeted customers for the best loading times.

7. Free CDN and SSL Certificates

All of their hosting plans come with free Let’s Encrypt Standard and Wildcard SSL certificates that you can enable for your website with a single click. To make the process easy for you, the Standard SSL comes preinstalled on your site.

SiteGround has partnered with the most popular, and one of the largest CDN platform ‘Cloudflare’ to offer a free CDN service for any hosting plans and for an unlimited number of websites. CDN delivers the content much faster from the data center closest to your visitor and makes your site faster when you have visitors from different geographical locations.

8. Free WordPress Migrator (Transfer)

Migrating your WordPress from another hosting to SiteGround is super easy and FREE. Even you can do that, with no advanced or tech knowledge needed.

You just need to install SiteGround’s exclusive migrator plugin to your WordPress site that you want to migrate (transfer), get a token from your SiteGround’s control panel and put it in the plugin. That’s all! The migrator plugin will now securely move all of your WordPress contents to your new SG hosting.

Surprisingly, your website will face NO downtime at all. Moreover, the migration is completely FREE and you can migrate as many websites as you want.

9.  Easy eCommerce Setup

SiteGround also offers Managed WooCommerce Hosting, designed to help you sell more online. It only takes a minute to create a new and functional WooCommerce store using their Woo installing tool.

They also offer WooCommerce migration tool, free CDN & SLL, Smart Caching, and all other WordPress features for any plan on managed WooCommerce hosting.

10. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Any shared hosting plans with SiteGround comes with a 30-day money back guarantee policy. And for cloud hosting plans, you will get a 15 days money back guarantee.

Requesting for a refund is also pretty easy with them. You can make a refund request directly from your user panel, no extra effort needed.

11. Affordable Hosting Plans

SiteGround offers 3 shared hosting plans for managed WordPress hosting StartUp ($3.95/mo), GrowBig ($5.95/mo), and GoGeek ($11.95/mo).

Their quality services, in-house developed tools, and features are included even with the very basic package, StartUp. Comparing with other popular Web Hosts, you get better freedom and transparency on pricing for future renewals with SiteGround.

  • StartUp: This plan is limited to hosting 1 website only and comes with 10 GB web space. StartUp plan is suitable for website that receives around 10,000 Visits Monthly.

SiteGround’s StartUp plan also comes with all the “Essential Features” including Free WP installation, migration, free CDN and SSL certificate, Free daily backups and WP auto-updates, 24/7 support, unlimited MySQL database, and 30 days money back guarantee.

  • GrowBig: This plan allows you to host an unlimited number of websites. It also comes with a 20 GB disk space and suitable for around 25,000 visitors monthly.

GrowBig plan includes all essential features in StartUp plan plus “Premium Features” like free WordPress transfer by experts, WP SuperCacher, advanced on-demand backup, and WordPress staging.

  • GoGeek: GoGeek plan also allows unlimited websites with 30GB web space and suitable for around 100,000 visitors monthly.

GoGeek plan includes all the essential and premium features plus Geeky features like advanced priority support, PCI compliant servers and pre-installed Git for WordPress.

Since SiteGround offers ‘unmetered traffic’ for all of their shared plans, visitors’ number is simply a point of reference, NOT a restriction.

SiteGround Hosting Reviews: Plans

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review - Hosting Plans

Cons of SiteGround

Like some other hosting companies, SiteGround has some cons too and we didn’t forget to bring out those in this SiteGround hosting reviews.

1. Overall Pricing Point

Although their StartUp plan starts from $3.95/month, the renewal price for this plan is $11.95/month. The renewal price for GrowBig is $19.95/month and for GoGeek it’s 34.95/month. Wheres discount prices are affordable, but obviously, the renewal prices are pretty higher than some other popular hosting companies.

BUT, comparing pricing between hosting companies can be difficult. It’s not reasonable to compare apples with strawberries because companies generally offer different type of services/features on their plans.

I try to compare pricing based on overall hosting features. SiteGround is very transparent on their pricing and features. You will get exactly what you see on your plan, nothing less.

Whereas other hosting companies offer pricing in between $5 to $8 monthly on a yearly based package, they do also charge you for additional features like emails, subdomains, backups, SSL and CDN and additional databases.

With SiteGround, you are paying for Quality. Thus, I want to clarify that this con is focused on their raw price point – not overall value.

2. No monthly Subscription for Shared hosting

You can get their Cloud hosting & Dedicated server on monthly billing. Unfortunately, their shared hosting plans require a minimum subscription of 1 year.

Although they offer 1-month Trial for any shared hosting, they do also charge an additional $14.95 for StartUp and $24.95 for GrowBig and GoGeek plans as SETUP FEE + monthly fee for that plan.

So, if you want to try their StartUp hosting plan, you will have to pay $14.95 + $3.95 = $18.90 in total.

SIteGround Cons Setup Fee

The good news is that SiteGround’s pricing is straightforward and doesn’t play any game. They clearly advertise that their price is for the 12-month deal. And truly, no hosting companies like to with a ‘month-to-month’ plan. A one-year subscription is a good deal they all love to go. SiteGround is pretty transparent and straightforward in this case.


If you like everything with SiteGround but their pricing, you can pay for 36 months subscription that will cost you less than renewing on next year. You can pay only $3.95 for your first 36 months and be relaxed. Get 70% Exclusive discounts on your first order.

SiteGround Hosting Reviews Conclusion

So – is SiteGround right choice for you?

After reading our detailed SiteGround hosting reviews with its Pros and Cons, it’s time to make your decision if SiteGround is the right choice for you or not.

SiteGround has all the tools that help you to manage your WordPress site and make it secure and fast. Their customer support is so knowledgeable that you will get instant support from them in case of having any issues on your website.

All their managed WordPress hosting plans come with SSD storage, free backups, free SSL and CDN, and 30-days money back guarantee. With higher hosting plans, you get more additional features.

Do We Recommend SiteGround?

YES, we do. If you want a reliable web hosting with friendly and responsive customer support, while no sacrificing for features that you need to make a better website, SiteGround is perfect for you.

SiteGround Hosting Coupon

WPTechnic users get an exclusive 70% off discount on their first order and free SSL for lifetime hosting. You just need to click on this link to buy their hosting plan. The discount will be applied automatically.

SiteGround Review


Performance & Reliability


Customer Support


Features & Security





  • High Uptime (99.99%)
  • Optimized & Super-Fast Servers
  • Knowledgeable & Friendly Support
  • Affordable Hosting Plans
  • Awesome Tools for Webmasters
  • Multiple Data Centers
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Better Features & Security


  • Overall Pricing Point
  • No monthly Subscription
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