Absolute Path in WordPress is also known as a file path, indicates the exact location of a file (image, video, etc.) or post/page of your WordPress site regardless of the editor path in which it was written or uploaded.

For example, the absolute path of this post is:


You can only view/read this post by visiting the exact URL of this post, hence absolute path.

This absolute path will bring you to this post regardless of the location where it was written. The absolute path is always unique for every single file or post/page.

A home page or blog page in WordPress may contain many posts, then again a blog post may contain many images as well but each blog post and media items like image or video has a unique absolute path of its own.

However, the most important part is, an absolute path contains the root directory as well as sub-directories of a particular file or directory.

For example, the URL of the featured image of this post is:


The above URL starts with the domain name which is the root directory of its path, then it includes ‘wp-content’ & ‘uploads’ as the child of the root directory. Then again, it includes ‘year’ and ‘month’ based folder for better organizing.

At the last, the URL includes the name of the image. All these things make this URL an absolute path of that featured image.

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