In WordPress, a category is a pre-defined taxonomy to group posts together based on a common topic. Categories provide an organizational structure for your blog or website, making it easier for users to find the content they are interested in.

WordPress allows you to create and assign one or more categories to each post you publish. Categories can be hierarchical, which means that you can create sub-categories within a category. For example, you could create a parent category called “Food” and add sub-categories such as “Recipes”, “Restaurant Reviews”, and “Cooking Tips”.

A post must have a category selected. However, it may belong to multiple categories as well. If no category is selected for a post, it will automatically be added to the default category.

If your website is new then ‘Uncategorized’ is the default category for all of your posts.

Categories can also be displayed on your website’s navigation menu, making it easier for users to browse your content by topic. Additionally, categories can be used to create archive pages that display all posts within a particular category.

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