The front end in WordPress refers to the part of a website that visitors see and interact with. It includes the website’s design, layout, and content that are displayed in the user’s web browser.

For example, upon visiting everything you see is part of ‘front-end’ and all the administrator parts, like ‘wp-admin’ area, are back-end.

The front end is powered by a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are generated dynamically by WordPress based on the website’s theme and content. The front end typically includes pages, posts, menus, widgets, and other elements that visitors can see and interact with, such as forms, buttons, and media.

WordPress provides a powerful set of tools and features that allow website owners and developers to customize and control the front end of their website, including the ability to choose from a wide variety of themes and plugins, create custom templates and styles, and add dynamic functionality with JavaScript and APIs.

Overall, the front end is an essential component of any WordPress website, as it is the primary interface that visitors use to engage with your content, products, and services, and can have a significant impact on the user experience and overall success of your website.

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