An iFrame, short for inline frame, is an HTML element that allows content from another website or source to be embedded within a web page. In WordPress, iFrames can be used to embed external content such as videos, maps, or other types of multimedia directly into a post or page.

For example, whenever you try to embed a youtube video inside your WordPress post it comes with an iframe like this:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

To embed an iFrame in WordPress, users can use the “Custom HTML” block in the WordPress editor, or use a plugin that provides iFrame embedding functionality. Users will typically need to obtain the embed code or URL for the external content they wish to embed, and then paste this code or URL into the iFrame element in the WordPress editor.

While iFrames can be a useful way to embed external content and improve the user experience on a WordPress site, they can also pose security risks if not used properly. Because an iFrame can contain content from an external source, it is possible for malicious code or content to be embedded within the iFrame and potentially compromise the security of the WordPress site or its users.

As such, it is important to only embed iFrames from trusted sources, and to use best practices for website security and content management when using iFrames or other embedded content on a WordPress site.

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