In computer networking, localhost refers to ‘this computer’ that a program is running on. When you type a URL on your browser to visit a website, you are actually connecting to a ‘host’ computer that contains all files and data of that particular website.

In WordPress, “localhost” refers to the local server environment that is used for testing and development of WordPress websites on your local computer.

When you install WordPress on your computer, you can set up a local server environment using software such as XAMPP or MAMP, which includes a web server, a database server, and other tools that are required for running WordPress.

The localhost environment allows you to work on your WordPress website locally, without the need for a live website or internet connection. You can use it to test new themes, plugins, and updates, and to make changes to your website without affecting the live site.

To access your WordPress site on localhost, you can enter the local server URL in your web browser, such as “http://localhost/mysite”. From there, you can log in to the WordPress dashboard and manage your site just like you would on a live server.

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