In WordPress, “media” refers to any type of image, audio, or video file that is uploaded to your site and can be used in your content.

When you upload a media file to WordPress, it is stored in the WordPress media library, which allows you to easily manage and organize your media files. From the media library, you can view, edit, and delete media files, as well as add metadata such as titles, descriptions, and alt text.

Media files can be inserted into posts and pages using the WordPress editor, either by uploading the file directly or by selecting a file that has already been uploaded to the media library. WordPress also supports embedding media files from third-party services such as YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.

WordPress includes several tools and features for optimizing and managing your media files, such as the ability to crop and resize images, generate thumbnails, and compress files for faster loading times. Additionally, there are many plugins available for WordPress that can extend the functionality of the media library and add new features such as galleries, sliders, and lightboxes.

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