In WordPress, a front page is the first page that visitors see when they land on a website. It is also known as a homepage. By default, WordPress displays the latest blog posts on the front page, but it can be customized to show a static page or a page that displays a specific type of content.

A static front page in WordPress is a type of page that serves as the front page of a website, rather than showing the latest posts.

By default, WordPress shows your TEN most recent blog posts on your home page.

Whereas, Static Front Page is a fixed page that remains the same until manually changed, allowing the website owner to have complete control over the content displayed on the front page.

A static front page is particularly useful for websites that have a specific purpose, such as a business website, portfolio, or landing page, where the content needs to remain consistent and relevant to the website’s goal.

You can set a customized page as your home page from the settings → reading option. This feature is mostly used by companies where the BLOG is a secondary option.

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