In WordPress, a tag is a keyword or phrase that describes the content of a post. Tags can be added to posts to help organize and categorize the content on a website.

Tags are similar to categories in WordPress, but they are more specific and can be used to describe individual aspects of a post’s content. For example, if you have a blog post about a recipe for chocolate cake, you might use tags like “chocolate,” “cake,” “dessert,” and “baking.”

Tags are displayed on individual post pages and can be used to help visitors find related content on your website. When visitors click on a tag, they are taken to a page that displays all the posts on your site that are tagged with that particular keyword or phrase.

Tags can be managed and added to posts in the WordPress editor. You can also create a tag cloud, which displays all the tags used on your site in a visual representation, with the most popular tags appearing in larger fonts. Overall, tags are a useful tool for organizing and categorizing content on a WordPress site, making it easier for visitors to find related posts and navigate your website.

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