In WordPress, a query string is the part of the URL that comes after the question mark (?). The query string is used to pass information from one page to another or from one application to another.

In WordPress, query strings are commonly used to filter or sort posts or pages based on specific criteria.

An example of a query string is WordPress uses query strings to show specific posts or sets of posts in the database.

WordPress has a built-in query system that uses query strings to retrieve posts or pages from the database. The query string parameters are used to specify which posts or pages to retrieve and how to display them. For example, this query string “” retrieves all posts that have the tag “WordPress”.

WordPress also allows developers to create custom query strings using the WP_Query class. This class provides a flexible and powerful way to retrieve and display posts or pages based on specific criteria. Developers can use the WP_Query class to create complex queries that include multiple criteria, such as post type, category, tag, date range, and more.

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