WordPress Glossary – ‘A to Z’ Complete WordPress Dictionary

WordPress has so many different terms and abbreviations and they might be difficult to understand specially when you’re a beginner. Sometimes, all you need is a simple explanation. Don’t worry! I have crafted this WordPress Glossary article to help you get started and understanding WordPress’s both frontend and admin (backend) panel.

There are a lot of WordPress terms and abbreviations. As you started (or considering to start) blogging or business website on WordPress platform you will notice new terms popping up regularly.

That’s why I crafted this short, to the point WordPress Glossary where you’ll find the explanation for the most commonly used terms you will use in your daily WordPress work.

In this list of WordPress Glossary, I have added only the terms used for admin and frontend panel. I knowingly ignored WordPress CORE terms which are specially for developers. However, if you would like me to explain something that is not listed here, please let me know in the comment box.

Keep reading WordPress Glossary of generally used WP terms and abbreviation – explained in simple English: